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House Specialties

Dry Aged Beef

Over the past half a century we at Penny's Quality Butchers have been perfecting the practice of dry aging beef. All our premium steaks are aged on the premises for between 21 and 28 days, allowing for these already beautiful cuts to develop to their true potential. The flavour of these cuts is unbeatable, and every steak or roast is cut by our expert butchers to your exact specifications. ​


One of the most famous aspects of Penny's is the beautiful quality ham that is the centrepiece of our deli display. This ham is hand crafted in store using the finest quality Bangalow Sweet Pork, which is sugar cured before being smoked in our onsite smokehouse. Using this process, we also create Bangalow bacon which is then thinly sliced and vacuum-packed, perfect for making breakfast the best and most delicious meal of the day.

Made in House

Here at Penny's we provide a vast range of specialty goods, all created lovingly in-house by our dedicated staff.

  • Sausage Rolls
  • Stocks
    - Beef
    - Chicken
  • Veal
  • Demiglaze
  • Specialty Soups
    - Pea & Ham
    - Chicken & Corn


All our sausages are hand made by our butchers in store from the finest quality meats and freshest ingredients. The majority of these sausages are gluten free, excluding two of our traditional English style recipes. We love experimenting with different flavours, whilst also having our large range of signature sausages available on an everyday basis.